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Modtique Boutique is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania business that was born from our love of antiques and our desire to merge it with today’s modern world. At Modtique Boutique our mission is to breathe new life into the forgotten by repurposing, or up-cycling, a variety of vintage items into new and imaginative pieces of useful art. We strive to provide quality in all of the items we up-cycle whether we are modernizing antiques or reinventing discarded pieces in unique ways. Merging functionality with style, we hope you find our items to be one of a kind and that you fall in love with them just as we have.

A portion of the proceeds from every item sold will be donated to juvenile diabetes. Our goal will be to sponsor a child to go camping through the American Diabetes Association. This is an organization very dear to our hearts.

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Our advantages

The things that make us special


Modtique Boutique loves to create new ideas. We take upcycling to a new level providing quality and creative concepts.



Every great project has a well thought out design behind it. When placing a custom order with Modtique Boutique we will provide you with a personalized quote detailing the exact design you are desire.



You want it, we can provide it. Modtique Boutique has vast knowledge and a wide array of equipment to provide you the style you are looking for. Your piece can be customized to fit your exact style, dimension, or color.



Moidtique Boutique stands by everything we make. From painted furniture to electrical, we use high-quality components and techniques to provide you with the confidence it made to last.